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We’re a locally sourced, family-owned business. Together, Dana and his three sons have provided thousands of satisfied customers with exceptional cast-stone architectural fireplaces, balusters.

We care about your family and ensuring your environment is as superb as you want it to be. Established in 1996, Artistic Stone specializes in crafting high-end fireplaces, balusters, entryways, and columns. We’ve satisfied thousands of customers with our custom cast-stone architectural elements.

Why you should choose us

At Artistic Stone Architectural Products, we share your excitement and passion for custom cast-stone architectural elements. With more than two decades of experience in manufacturing and molding cast-stone fireplaces, balusters, entryways, and columns, our finely honed process ensures your product will match perfectly to your vision.

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Casting your Architectural Dreams in Stone

Work with Artistic Stones talented designers to craft a custom cast-stone architectural element which ideally suits your home, office, or property. From start to finish, our finely-tuned manufacturing process will leave you pleased with the final result.

Cast Stone Fireplaces

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Building Entrances

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Custom Stone Balusters

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Decorative Columns

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Who we are

Artistic Stone Architectural Products is a locally sourced, family-owned, cast-stone manufacturer, fabricator, and molder serving the greater Portland Metropolitan area.

Established in 1996, Artistic Stone has satisfied thousands of customers, providing elegant fireplaces, balusters, entryways, and decorative columns.

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We’ve been designing and building custom stone accents for 20+ years.