Cast Stone Fireplaces

Cast-Stone Fireplaces

The fireplace is often the emotional center of any home or office space . Enhance the feeling of warmth, comfort, and prestige of your fireplace by ordering a custom cast-stone fireplace mantle or hearth.

At Artistic Stone, we pride ourselves on our quality construction of fireplace hearths and mantles. Fireplaces form the centerpiece of any intimate room in your house or office. Fireplace hearths and mantels are available in multiple colors and designs.

About Artistic Stone Hearths and Mantles

At Artistic Stone, we manufacture and mold your custom fireplace hearths and mantles for interior and exterior spaces. Working with your professional design consultant, we’ll help you craft a unique fireplace design, which ideally suits your home, office, or commercial space.

Together, our team has helped thousands of customers just like yourself successfully complete and install craft-stone products, including your friends and neighbors who live in the greater Portland Metro area, in Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Portland, West Linn, and Wilsonville.

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We work with homeowners, contractors, and businesses all around the Pacific Northwest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Artistic Stone fireplaces expensive?

At Artistic Stone, we pride ourselves on constructing high-quality, cast-stone fireplace hearths and mantles, which are affordable for most building projects.

Regardless of cost, our cast-stone fireplaces represent a significant return on investment if you should ever decide to sell your property.

How can I protect Artistic Stone fireplaces from stains?

Artistic Stone cast-stone architectural elements are of exceptional quality and durability. However we recommend the regular application of a precast sealer twice per year. We’re happy to recommend a quality gloss or matte sealant for your use.

Does Artistic Stone make custom designs?

Yes. At Artistic Stone, we welcome custom design and fabrication work. Keep in mind that the mold fabrication and manufacturing work will add additional costs in with relation to the customized units already in stock.

Are Artistic Stone fireplaces safe from fire?

Yes. Artistic Stone fireplaces are non-combustible.

Are Artistic Stone fireplaces easy to install?

Artistic Stone recommends your fireplace be installed by a licensed contractor who is familiar with architectural stone and the necessary attachments needed.

Are you interested in Cast Stone Fireplaces?

You're in the right place - we're passionate about cast-stone architectural design.

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